Easyfit 2-way ball valve with female ends for solvent welding, metric series
FIP and Giugiaro Design designed and developed VXE Easyfit, the innovative True Union ball valve with union nut tightening control system that permits simple and safe installation for reliable ervice in time. This valve is also equipped with the customisable Labelling System.

Další charakteristika:

  • Innovative Easyfit quick release handle made up of a central hub firmly coupled with the stem valve and dual spoke grip that can be released from the hub with a simple operation and used as a ball seat adjustment tool and as a union nut tightening tool thanks to the hooked insert that, perfectly adapting to their external profile, allows the handle to transform into a wrench to control union nut rotation
  • Customisable Labelling System: built-in LCE module in the hub made up of transparent protection plug and customisable tag holder using the LSE set (available as accessory). The customisation potential lets you identify the valve on the system according to specific needs
  • PTFE ball seat system with locked carrier adjustable via the Easyfit quick release handle
  • Stem with high surface finish and double O-Ring and PTFE antifriction disk that limits friction to a minimum and grants excellent operating torque
  • Locking device in closing and opening via lock
  • Machined high surface finish ball that guarantees a smooth operation and increased reliability
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Objednací číslo d DN PN B C C (5:1) E H L Z g
VXEIC075E 75 65 16 142 214 115 157 211 44 123 2998
VXEIC090E 90 80 16 151 239 126 174 248 51 146 3741
VXEIC110E 110 100 16 174,5 270 145 212 283 61 161 6337


Objednací číslo d DN PN B C C (5:1) E H L Z g
VXEIC075F 75 65 16 142 214 115 157 211 44 123 2998
VXEIC090F 90 80 16 151 239 126 174 248 51 146 3741
VXEIC110F 110 100 16 174,5 270 145 212 283 61 161 6337
  • Patented Easyfit system: innovative mechanism based on the multifunctional handle quick release mechanism that permits union nut rotation during valve installation and ball carrier adjustment
  • Connection system for solvent weld and threaded joints
  • Valve material compatibility (PVC-U) and elastomer seal elements (EPDM or FKM), with water, drinking water and other food substances as per current regulations
  • Easy radial dismounting allowing quick replacement of O-rings and ball seats without any need for tools
  • PN16 True Union valve body made for PVC-U injection moulding and European Directive 2014/68/EU (PED) compliant for pressurised equipment. ISO 9393 compliant test requirements
  • Valve body with built in anchoring frame for the special Power Quick module dedicated to accessory or pneumatic and electric actuator installation
  • Option of dismounting downstream pipes with the valve in the closed position
  • Floating full bore ball with high surface finish made in CNC work stations to achieve precise dimensional tolerance and high surface finish