Battery Powered Flow Monitor
Battery Powered Flow Monitor Field Mount
The new M9.20 is a smart battery powered flow monitor designed to convert the frequency signal of FLS sensors into a flow rate. M9.20 is equipped by a long life lithium battery which powers the sensor also. A wide 4” display is used to show measured values clearly. A first procedure will grant a easy set up of main parameters. A flow rate reference can be used for a recalibration or a alignment through a intuitive “in-line calibration”. A safe icon alerts when it’s time to replace battery and instrument stores all main parameters automatically. A customizable string allows to tailor easily the view level. M9.20 is equipped with a USB port which allows an easy update of the software by the end users.
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M9.20.01 Flow (Frequency)
M9.20.02 Flow (Frequency)
M9.20.03 Flow (Frequency)
M9.20.04 Flow (Frequency)
M9.20.05 Flow (Frequency)
M9.20.06 Flow (Frequency)
M9.20.07 Flow (Frequency)
M9.20.08 Flow (Frequency)
M9.20.09 Flow (Frequency)
M9.20.10 Flow (Frequency)
M9.20.11 Flow (Frequency)
M9.20.12 Flow (Frequency)
  • APPLICATIONS • Remote distribution system • Mobile monitoring system • Irrigation & Fertigation • groundwater remediation • swimming pool & SPA • Liquid delivery system MAIN FEATURES • Wide display • long-lasting battery • installation flexibility • Multilanguage menu • No data loss at battery replacement • USB port for software updating