LS Quick Kit

The Limit Switch Quick Kit allows the fast and secure installation of the FIP LSQT to the VKD valves. The body in in PP-GR and the handle in stainless steel AISI 316. The handle block at 0° and 90° is also available by default (hole diameter 6.5 mm). The kit can be assembled on the valve even if already installed on the system. For technical data of the LSQT box see FIP actated valves catalogue.
MAGNUM 3G is completed with a range of tools and accessories to help the installer

Další charakteristika:

  • Upper part (PVC-U)
  • Bottom part (PVC-U)
  • Bolts (zinc plated steel)
  • Nuts (zinc plated steel )
  • Gasket (NBR)
  • Reinforcing ring (Stainless steel)
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LS Quick Kit
Objednací číslo d DN B B (5:1) C C (5:1) product.detail.attribute.To be used with:
LSQKIT75160 110 100 305,5 129 103 126,9 VKD
  • The reinforcing bush are used to reinforce the pipe PE100 (SDR11) e PE-X, to elong the lifetime of the pipeline and to reduce the collapse risk of the pipe in disadvantages conditions. They use is particurarly suggested using PE-X pipes. The two tightening keys (d.16-63 and d.75-110) are important tools to install the MAGNUM 3G fittings