Pneumatically actuated diaphragm valve with female union ends for solvent welding, metric series, Normally Open, Direct Acting.

The DKD/CP diaphragm valve is particularly suited to shut off extremely dirty and/or high viscosity fluids. The new internal geometry of the body optimises fluid dynamic efficiency by increasing the flow rate. The DKP/CP is extremely compact and very light.
The valve comprises three elements: body, diaphragm and sealing bonnet. Due to the action of the compressed air in the bonnet, the diaphragm is pressed against the body saddle interrupting the flow. This simplified operating principle and the lower number of components guarantees high reliability and durability.

Další charakteristika:

  • PP-GR sealing bonnet marked by high construction strength. The absence of metal parts exposed to the external environment prevents any risk of corrosion.
  • The special sealing diaphragm reinforced with textile fibres allows longer operation to be reached without showing any signs of wear.
  • New valve body internal design. Substantially higher flow coefficient and lower pressure drops. The degree of efficiency reached has also enabled the size and weight of the valve to be reduced.
Zpět Produktový list
  • Connection system using solvent welded and threaded joints
  • Optimised fluid dynamic design: maximum output flow rate thanks to the optimised efficiency of the fluid dynamics that characterise the new internal geometry of the body
  • In the Standard version, equipped with textile fibre reinforced diaphragm
  • Bonnet fastening screws in STAINLESS steel protected against the external environment by PE plugs
  • Easy to clean valve interior
  • Low risk of the accumulation of deposits, contamination or damage to the diaphragm due to crystallisation
  • Easy to replace diaphragm seal.