Diaphragm valve
Diaphragm valve with flanged monolithic body, drilled EN/ISO/DIN PN10/16. Face to face according to EN 558-1
The VM is particularly suitable for shutting off and regulating abrasive or dirty fluids. The handwheel control and diaphragm seal provide precise and effective control, while reducing the risk of$water hammer to a minimum.

Další charakteristika:

  • Handwheel in (PA-GR) with high mechanical strength and ergonomic grip for optimum manageability
  • Metal optical position indicator supplied as standard
  • Full protection bonnet in PP-GR Internal circular and symmetrical diaphragm sealing area
  • Diaphragm available in EPDM, FPM, PTFE (NBR on request) and easy to replace
  • Threaded metal inserts for anchoring the valve
  • New valve body internal design: substantially higher flow coefficient resulting in lower pressure drops. Optimised adjustment curve for effective and precise flow rate regulation
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  • Connection system for solvent welding and for flanged joints
  • Optimised fluid dynamic design: maximum output flow rate thanks to the optimised efficiency of the fluid dynamics that characterise the new internal geometry of the body
  • Handwheel that stays at the same height during rotation, with internal bearing to minimise friction and operating torque
  • Standard optical indicator
  • Internal operating components in metal totally isolated from the conveyed fluid
  • Bonnet fastening screws in STAINLESS steel protected against the external environment by PE plugs
  • New flanged bodies: the new bodies, characterised by a monolithic flanged structure, are available in PVC-U, PVC-C, PP-H and PVDF. This design, free from body and flange joints, greatly reduces mechanical stress and increases system performance.